Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Children and Holidays

Change the holidays and make memories not just free time. I have noticed that there are a large number of children left to roam around on the holidays without direction. Left on their own, these children often become injured and get into trouble. Bake cookies, making playdough animals, making memory books, teach them positive group games [cards, jump rope], go to the library and check out books together. Read together. Let them read to you or you read your favorites to them. Build positive memories they will never forget. Time slips bye quickly for everyone. Make the best of your holidays.
Holidays are a good time to discuss your family roots. Without a good foundation everything falls down. It is nice to go over the holiday pictures or get out old pictures and tell stories of what you did when you were little remember people in your life. Talk about your favorite aunt. Establish a sense of belonging. Telling them about their heritage will make them proud to be a member of your family! Sharing your positive past experiences as a child or young adult will help you get close to your children in a positive manner. Sharing is a way to build trust and it will pay off when they get older!

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