Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Safety 4-6 months

Babies continue to explore and grow during the first 6 months. Baby needs to be placed in a safe area to roll at about 4 months of age. Teeth start popping out now as well. Baby needs understanding when he/she is miserable. Cool damp cloth, teething rings, or numbing agents available over-the-counter can assist in stopping the pain. Baby needs a soft landing when he/she falls backward when at 5 months, they start to sit up then fall down. Baby loves to toss toys by age 6 months and needs things that will not be damaged when tossed. Preferably an area safe to toss items in as well so he/she will not damage anything of value and cause unhappiness. A playpen filled with soft toys is a good example. Parents need to upgrade their child proofing because baby is cruising, creeping, and crawling to explore by 6 months of age. Baby opens cabinets close to the floor, reaches up to grab things, and he/she might easily pull down dangerous items on top of themselves or crawl into things if not supervised. Babies enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror at this age too. Baby babbles, transfers objects from hand to hand, and puts everything into their mouth. Anything small needs to be moved out of reach. Baby needs to be given safe finger foods to consume and watched to be sure they safely chew their food and do not choke.

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