Monday, October 5, 2009

Toddlers safety

By the time baby is one year old or when he/she starts walking, parents need to be on the alert to be sure exploration is safe. Once baby moves things around, pull themselves up, and manipulate simple mechanisms, they could easily open a door, pull out plugs, and pick up telephones, open and close bottle lids then drink nauseous things. Dangerous items are easy to see if you lie on the floor and look. But don’t forget to move mop buckets, paint cans and other toxic items out of baby’s reach. As baby continues to grow and explore, they touch everything, bang, shaking and tear things. They need watching or your curtains will come tumbling down. Babies enjoy walking, climbing, scribbling, pulling and dumping things and a sand box is great fun when supervised. Parents need to stay alert and provide safe toys for baby to explore and learn with. Create an area for baby in each room where he/she can find a variety of soft different textured toys, bottles with lids safe to take off, plastic containers with safe food to enjoy, a ball that baby can toss, and a heavy cardboard book to turn pages. Baby needs to be monitored 24/7 and when parents need a rest be sure a baby sitter or day care worker is watching baby stay. Parents in a panic Click Here! 

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