Friday, September 11, 2009

Contributing to the World Community

Community is a part of our family. It provides a sense of belonging, a place for socializing, somewhere to immerse in culture, language, religion & meet with friends & extended family members. Elders teach children to honor themselves & other in the community. Honoring himself or herself honors everyone. Children need to learn to give back to the community by donating time & talents whenever possible. By cultivating friendships with other men, women & children each person shows mutual support & strength for the community as a whole. Every community decision affects generations now & in the future. It is important children realize each man, woman, & child’s actions will improve or destroy our common inherited communities. Teaching children to care about the community helps them stay free of alcohol, drugs and depression. One day with education, our communities will forever be free of violence. Children modeling good behavior will teach their young & when others see that it can be done, they will follow and eventually our Earthly residence will be a safe community treated with respect by everyone.

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