Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teaching Respect for the Earth

The Earth is a living entity. Earth is the source of all life, & part of every family. We must learn to model after the Earth, man’s greatest teacher. If we learn to listen, observe & respect the Earth, we will live in harmony together. The Earth will recycle the things we consume & make them available to our children. All of us must learn how to care for the Earth so it will be there for the future generations of plants and creatures: two-legged, four- legged, winged ones or human beings. The Earth does not belong to us individually, but we belong to the Earth. The natural law is the ultimate authority & we must learn to treat Earth with the honor & respect it deserves as it is interconnected with all things. Earth will only ensure that the land, water, and air will be intact for my children and for my children's children-the unborn if we protect it. We need to pay respect to the Earth as part of our family & community; our life depends upon it.

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