Sunday, September 13, 2009

Role of the Father

The cycle of life for a man begins as the baby, boy, man, husband, father and ends as a grandfather. As a man, a father knows that there is no gain without learning. He sets the path of his family and helps to mold the families cultural, spiritual & historical life. A father understands that without purpose & strong roots his family will fail. He is at the helm of the family ship and needs to see to it that the family succeeds by providing traditional & spiritual values that have guided his past generations. A father needs to walk with dignity & spirituality in order to fulfill the teachings & purpose of the lives that the Creator has made him responsible for. If his family is going to flourish, father needs to set his eyes on the ways that are important. He must commit to walk the way of his family culture & “be the best that he can be.” Each day, he must pray for strength & guidance to strengthen his family unit & community. A father is the holder of the family faith, the head of the house, and keeper of the family traditions. He must walk the road with honor & dedication, so that his family and others can see that it can be done & will follow him.

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