Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Family Unit

Family is a place where learning begins. Children mimic adult behavior. Knowing this, each adult should realize the importance of acting responsibly in order to build & nurture a strong & balanced family unit. If families are successful, their members will be surrounded with strong moral fiber & have positive mental health for generations to come. Each family member is accountable to restore the strength of the family unit everyday. Members need to work together to nurture their family's spiritual, cultural, mental & physical well being. By demonstrating trust, respect, honor, discipline & being consistent in their actions & words. parents build a strong foundation for the family as a whole. Strong families understand the important role grandparents & community members play in the development of the family. Each individual needs to be reminded that their actions have direct impact on the family unit. Working together is fundamental to healthy development of a strong family life and a grand adventure in their lifetime.

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