Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Role as a Citizen of Earth

As the member of the earthly family, I am a part of the community
and dependent on Earth for survival, I have a big task. I will seek 
guidance from my family and keep our guiding principles. 
Happiness is something I will decide on ahead of time. I will
walk with dignity, honor and humility. I will maintain the knowledge 
of my culture, remember the ceremonies, and sing the songs 
handed  down from generations so that I may pass these on to 
future generations. I will think  about what kind of person I want
to be and start developing myself now  to become this person. 
Happiness does not depend on the  little things that happen. 
Happiness depends on what I think about my life and situation. 
I cannot live my life as a "victim" in denial and isolation. I will not
resort to be a "Critic" and live my life in anger. I refuse to be a
"bystander" watching my life slips away while I survive with 
bargaining and live in depression. I will choose to be the 
"Navigator" at the helm of my ship and accept what life gives me.
In my mind, I have already decided to have happiness and plan 
to educate myself so I will remain  positive, develop a good
sense of humor and learn to laugh with others everyday. My 
grandma used to tell me that every day she lived  was a  "Gift" 
and she intended to make the best use of it. I will follow her path
and remember life is a gift and as long as my eyes open I will 
focus on each new day unfolding as if it were the first time I ever 
saw it, or the last thing I will ever see. I will remember all of the 
happy memories I can share with family members for 
generations to come when I live another day.  I choose to do all 
these things myself; because no one else can do them for me it 
is a decision I make every morning when I wake up. I will never 
forget to pray for guidance asking my Creator to make me open 
to whatever nature teaches. I will become a great asset to my 
family, my community, my Earth and myself. 

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